Picture Recall

Before heading to work, Little Man and I enjoyed a play-filled morning. He woke early, so I even got some cuddle time on the couch. When we were playing in his room, reading some books, my phone dinged, so I glanced at it. Little Man said, “daddy.” I laugh, since that usually is the only time I glance at my phone, and I have told him that before (it was daddy). Sometimes when I have my phone, he likes to look at pictures and videos of friends and family (so upload more, people!). He pointed at the phone, so we started scrolling through recent pictures of him. He loved it, especially the videos. He pointed out nana from a picture this weekend. He freaked when he saw the video of the slide. He would imitate laughs or point out items in the background. And although we looked at pictures for nearly fifteen minutes, he was very upset when I stopped.

We had a rough day at work again, and I know it will take time for him to adjust, so I’d rather not dwell on it. Let’s just say that after his nap, he wanted his mommy and was not happy to have to share me. When we got home he had some dinner and spent a long time playing with daddy. He had some milk while we relaxed on the couch. Daddy took the dogs for a walk, and before he got back, Little Man decided to hide in between the stairs. He still doesn’t understand that we can still hear the loud, adorable giggling! When we went upstairs to get ready for bed, and Little Man made his super excited face, clenching his fists and teeth, eyes wide. I have seen every kid do this, and I don’t know why they do, but it is hilarious.

As he got ready for bed, I handed him his new dog stuffed animal he got from nana this past weekend. He was “coo-chee-coo”-ing at it, and when we went to read our stories he clung tight to it. I let him hold it while we read, and he never let up on that squeeze. At the end of one of the books, it says something about loving him, and I told him I did, that he was my only baby. He leaned back, looking up at me, and gave me a kiss.

Tickle Monkey

Little Man and I made an early trip to the park to meet friends. I feel like the days get busier and busier as these kids grow up, and so many are having more little ones. We hadn’t seen his friends in a while, but Little Man is a social butterfly, running around to everyone, laughing, and playing. We went down the slide a few times, he sat in the swing for a bit, and he even tried to play with some slightly older kids. But, I think his favorite part was playing with sticks and woodchips. He was making quiet the mess and getting dirty. I guess I better get used to that.

We arrived back from the park in time for a big, hungry boy’s lunch, and a nice long nap. When he woke, he was in super sweet mode. He whispered, “mommy,” and leaned up to give me kisses. He handed me his binky, putting it in my mouth, then gave me another kiss. I got more and more, until he reached up and quickly wrapped his arm around my neck, squeezing me tightly. We sat there for a few moments, gripping each other closely. I sighed, and he did too. I love these moments.

Later in the afternoon, I was attempting to get Little Man to calm down. He had been running rampant through the house. I took him up to his room and began rocking him. I was gently rubbing his back. Apparently, too gently, for I felt Little Man’s belly move and I heard very quiet giggles. I suppressed a laugh, but apparently, he felt me move as well. He started whispering, “coo-chee-coo.” I started rubbing his back even lighter, and he giggled a little harder as I tickled. We kept going until we were both rolling with laughter.

Before daddy got home, Little Man wanted me to carry him around. I told him he was being a little monkey. He pulled at my legs, so I told him I’d treat him like a little monkey. I took his hands in mine, stretching his arms up. He knew what I was going to do. He lifted his legs off the ground as I pulled up. He pulled his legs up high, seeking to wrap them around my waist. Once up, I wrapped my arms around him and he wrapped his around my neck, laughing.

Palm Reading

Another whirlwind morning in North Carolina for Little Man. He had so much fun playing outside, it makes me feel guilty for not having a true yard! Other than when we went out for brunch, he spent the rest of the morning playing with nana and papa. Heck, even when we were at brunch, he was outside playing with nana (we had to wait over an hour for food). We headed home a little after lunch, after he was nice and worn out from running around the yard. And while it was sad to leave after such little time there, I know we will see them soon.

We hit a little traffic after the halfway point, and although Little Man had napped (only an hour) and had something to eat while we drove, he had a rough time after a while (not that I blame him). Most of the time he spent being very silly: playing peekaboo behind a pillow, tickling his new puppy stuffed animal, being afraid when I tried to put my hair in his face, and laughing hysterically when I said I would eat his feet. Maybe he was overtired or bored, but he had some pretty funny laughs in the car, including a maniacal one, a fake one, and a soft sweet one. He also pointed out all the blue things he saw.

Yet, despite all these fun moments, my favorite came during a moment of quiet. I glanced over as he touched his hand together, rubbing them slightly. He pulled them apart and looked at his left palm. His right pointer finger began tracing the lines on his palm, and he looked inquisitive. I started telling him about how everyone has these lines on their hands, and I ran my fingers along the lines. He seemed confused and actually a little scared. My first thought was that he suspected something was wrong. So, I showed him that everyone has lines, and I put my palm in his hands. He giggled, touching the lines along my hand. I took his right hand, and showed them those as well. He laughed and took his hands away, moving on to play with something else. I took it to mean he accepted my vague explanation. A little later, I caught him tracing lines along the bottom of his feet.

We got home later than expected, so Little Man devoured an enormous helping of pasta and got in the bath. While he loves visiting, I can tell he misses the comforts of home. In the bath, I showed him a ball that spins, and when he spun it, I shouted, “YEAH!” He thought that was funny, so he kept spinning, and I kept shouting. I even got some sweet head bumps and kisses after a few. As we went to read bedtime stories, I realized daddy had let him keep the ball. When he was distracted, I hid it on my side in the rocking chair. When we finished the stories, he got upset that it was bedtime, so I held him like a baby to calm him down. His arm was draped down near the chair, and I felt it move. Thinking he was uncomfortable, I helped move his arm back to his front. Instead, he pulled up the ball and started spinning it. He really is a never ending ball of toddler energy. They should bottle and sell it!

Can I Have It?

Little Man spent all day playing at nana and papa’s house. We threw a football around the front yard, and Little Man helped daddy find the ball that went under the car (I love the way he bends down, cocking his head to the side to look). He ran around the backyard with the dogs, exploring birdhouses and snakes (just a little gardner one). He picked cherry tomatoes with nana from her garden, and even popped one into his mouth right away (and squished one between his fingers). At dinner, after being uncomfortable sitting, he ate sweet potato fries while sitting on my lap, then gave out hugs to everyone. He had so much fun that he didn’t want to go to bed. He kept pulling the old Iowa trick of pointing to the door to go play outside. At least he gets more time tomorrow to play.

He even figured out how to play the game of getting what he wants from others (obviously he already has me and daddy around his finger most of the time). We were at the store, ready to check out, when he cried and pointed at an aisle back the way we came. I took him over to see what he was talking about, and it ended up being some sort of stuffed animal. I let him see it to quiet him down. He hugged it to him while we walked back to nana. He gave it a kiss, squeezing it, and making “choo-chee-coo” noises at it. Nana couldn’t resist getting it for him. Such a spoiled, but happy, little guy who is insanely loved!

Dog Hat

It’s lunch time, and Little Man has finished his and is playing in his play area. I sit on the floor with him to get him to stay. Koda wanders over to lay down near the rug. Little Man laughs when he sees him, and decides it’s a good idea to try and share his hat with Koda. He takes it off, placing it on Koda’s head. Koda just sits there, looking around under the hat, sitting low on his head. Little Man laughs until Koda paws off the hat. Little Man keeps putting it up, and Koda waits until he isn’t looking and paws it off again. After a few times, Little Man wanders off for a minute, so I grab the hat, and Koda tries to play with me, trying to nibble the hat from my hand. I tell Little Man to leave him alone now, since he is riled up. I don’t think Koda would intentionally bite, but I’d hate for him to even get a play bite. Of course, Little Man doesn’t listen, and goes to put the hat on Koda again. Instead of trying to play, Koda sits patiently as the hat goes on, then sweetly hangs out with a hat on. Such a good puppy brother.

Cat Hat

Little Man developed a little cough overnight, so to be proactive, I took the day off and brought him to the doctor. He practiced his Darth Vader impression at the office, though he seemed worried that we were back so soon. I reassured him that the doctor was not going to give shots today. She had some recommendations for his congestion, but she also found a mild ear infection. That definitely helped explain why he was a little more fussy these past few days. We picked up some antibiotics, where Little Man nearly fell asleep in the car, so hopefully that will start to clear up soon. Luckily, despite random bouts of crankiness, he is his usual, energetic, happy, playful self.

In the evening, we were playing downstairs as it neared bedtime. We still had about a half an hour to go, and Little Man started getting cranky. I turned the television to PBS, thinking it may help him settle down (and I don’t really care about people telling me it is bad for him). The Cat in the Hat show was on, and Little Man instantly went to sit on daddy’s lap, saying, “cat hat.” He leaned onto his chest and held his hand while he relaxed to the show. When it sings the “Go, go, go,” Little Man sings along and starts dancing. He did one of his new dances, where he shakes his shoulders from side to side, almost like shimmying. When a kangaroo came on the screen, he started hopping up and down, laughing. I can’t help but smile, when he hasn’t been feeling well, I would do anything for him to feel better. When he got his milk a bit later, we went to the couch, and he asked “cat hat.” I obliged.

I Am Your Father

Another day to recuperate at home with daddy, and Little Man was in a crazy and playful mood when I got home. After dinner, we all head upstairs to play in his room. His new thing is to climb on top of his stuffed animal pile in between his bed and dresser. Sometimes he sits there. Sometimes he stands on them. And sometimes he piles them on my lap. Tonight, he was doing a little of each. He brought me a few animals, including a Darth Vader (I realize he isn’t an animal). I held the Darth Vader up to my face, moved the arms around, and said, “I am your father,” in the best gravely voice I could manage. Little Man thought this was hysterical, and was sitting on the other animals giggling uncontrollably. I did it a few more times, each with the same response. Once I set it aside, he brought it back to have me do it again. Then daddy gave it a try, and Little Man found him just as funny. We told him to give it a go, to say “father!” He laughed. then in a gravely voice, said “Da-da!” I think James and I nearly died from laughing so hard. He kept talking in the gravely voice, and inserting “da-da” every so often. I was considering¬†having him go as Yoda for Halloween, but now I think we have a winner!

*Of course we tried to get it on camera, and that’s when he had no interest in repeating it.