Coming Home Again

We made it home in good time today, leaving early to beat the holiday traffic. Little Man spent half of the trip staring at me dreamily, half asleep. After stopping for some lunch about halfway, he took a nap. He slept well, as long as my hand was resting along the side of his head. When we were about thirty minutes from home, he started to get restless, but I was able to soothe him to stay asleep. That was until a motorcycle pulled up next to us. His eyes opened, and it was like he had a burst of caffeine. He shouted out, pointing at the rider. It was pretty funny, and luckily the jolt awake didn’t change his happy disposition after the nap.

Little Man was happy to be home and in his normal surroundings. He immediately started playing and didn’t want to stop. We had yet to pick up the fur babies, and he was in such a zone that I don’t think he noticed. James asked him where they were and he started looking around for them. Adorable! When they got home, he was so excited. He kept trying to pet them or sit on them. It seems like he really missed his brothers!

Since the car nap was in the middle of the day, he had no nap in the afternoon. All the excitement from being home and seeing the boys again added to the cuckooness that happened around dinner and didn’t stop until bedtime. James gave him a bath while I cleaned up his room. When he came downstairs, he was wearing his robe and new football slippers that grandma had given him over the weekend. He told me, “shoes,” and thought they were the greatest. As he laid on the couch, drinking his milk, he put his feet on my legs. He’d glance down at the slippers and wiggle his feet a little. I think it was because he wanted me to comment on how cool they were. And just in time for football season!

Concert Pianist

After two days in a row with more than two hours in the car, we took it easy today. It gave everyone more intimate time with Little Man. He spent most of the day running around the house like a mad man, making everyone chase him. He played with new toys, like a riding car and puzzle. While he was high energy most of the time, he was sweet and lovey. I got cuddles as he went down for a morning nap and a silly hug in the afternoon. I wrapped his hands around my neck and he clung tight, dangling as I squeezed him. He ate Sunday Gravy for lunch, devouring macaroni, sausage, meatballs, and Italian bread. He even went on a walk to see the ducks with daddy, grandma, and Aunt Kristine.

With all of these moments making a classic, lazy, family Sunday, the icing on the cake was when Aunt Kristine started playing the piano. Little Man kept going over, pressing one key. She would tell him the note before he end up scurrying away. Eventually, he wanted to hop up on the seat and play with her. As soon as he got up, he was pressing keys like mad, making his own symphony. He even banged his head up and down as he pressed some of the keys with more force. He was really into it. He was all smiles and laughs, and he kept wanting to play it the whole day. I’ve been wanting to get him a mini piano for months now, but I could never find the one I wanted. Now it seems I need to hurry up and get him one for the living room!

Family in Long Island

Last night, as we drove in to New York, Little Man took two hours to fall asleep. Despite being awake for half the trip, well past bedtime, he was very quiet and contemplative. He wanted to hold my hand, most of the time putting it up to the side of his face while grasping my arm with both hands. He ended up falling asleep while making sure he was touching me. When we arrived another two hours later, he woke up, but gave sweet smiles to grandma and grandpa while half asleep. He spent the morning running around the house, exploring. While fighting his morning nap, he reached so far as to open a drawer. Visiting places is always a fun experiment in learning where to place a crib.

In the afternoon, we went to see family he hasn’t had the chance to meet yet. Everyone rushed to greet him, commenting on his handsomeness. He spent the rest of the day eating tons of food, playing with his cousins and their toys, and getting in the pool with daddy. He carried around a light saber, often using it like a vacuum. He played at a water table, laughing the whole time. He squealed in delight at the cold pool. He ran around the yard, kicking the soccer ball. He cried whenever he saw the sweet chocolate lab, since she had licked him in the face when we first arrived. As we went to leave, there was such excitement, Little Man was screaming along with the older kids. And despite being overtired, he made sure to give kisses to all the pretty ladies.

Once a Hawkeye

Tonight, we leave for Brooklyn, so I wanted to get something down before we left for the night. I have been spending the day trying to pack with a bad back. Little Man has not been as cooperative today, but as always, he’s been super cute. We dressed in our Hawkeye black and gold in honor of the first game tomorrow, and when daddy asked where the Hawkeye was, he knew to look at his shirt.

He said “heart” as he was showing me the shape on his stethoscope. He repeated “go, go, go!” when I told him to go play. He’s been repeating nearly everything, which means I better watch it when I yell out in pain! But I think my favorite repeat of the day has been a word similar to one of his favorites (cold). He was playing with a little race car, zooming around the dining room. I turned on the volume, so he was listening to all the sayings as he played. It said something like, “racing is cool,” and as soon as he heard it, he shouted out “cool!”

He has calmed down enough to let me write for a minute, and I can’t help but smile as I just looked up to see him dancing.

Pool Therapy

Due to my back issues, Little Man and I tried to have a relaxing day at home. He took it pretty easy on me, listening when I asked him to do something, and even picking up his toys before moving on to the next. He watered the flowers outside, played in his room, and read some books. We missed out on Rocknocerous at the mall with friends (though one was missing anyway, since his baby brother was coming into the world!), but Little Man ended up napping at that time anyway. Luckily that meant I could rest up to try the pool later. I felt so terrible that my back blew out yesterday in the middle of getting ready for the pool. While he was watering outside, he spotted the inflatable one, and said the word. Then, as he ate lunch, he kept saying it, nearly as soft as a whisper, and my heart ached to make him happy.

It was slow moving, but we made it in the beautiful weather for the last week of our outdoor pool. The water was still a little chilly going in, and Little Man did his monkey cling, keeping his legs and body out of the water for as long as possible. He made it pretty far, considering he was able to get his foot up to nearly my neck. We floated around in the water. He watched the other kids, and I watched him. We cleaned up leaves from the pool, and even did a few lifts. When we got tired (and sore), I wrapped him in a towel and held him close. He made like he wanted to get back in, but when I set him in his stroller, he rested his head on the front bar.

I love that he is gaining some independence but still really just wants his mama sometimes!

It’s a Sun

I’ve often told people that Little Man is too smart for his own good. I think that may be one reason he gets so frustrated. But despite his frustration, I can sense his desire to learn, and he showed me again today.
While looking out the window at a plane, he turned around and pointed to his toy plane.
While reading him a book, it mentioned stairs. So, he turned around and pointed at our stairs.
He continues to point to nearly everything I ask of him, including lances, swords, and shields (clearly my nerdy kid). While we were reading one of his favorite look-and-find books, he was pointing to different items on a page with dinosaurs, and I was telling him what they were. He pointed at a bug, and when I told him that’s what it was, he pointed at it harder. I said ladybug, since it had spots and was slightly red. He got more upset, pointed at the sun on the page then back to the bug. I realized they look very similar. I told him how proud I was that he noticed.

Later, I blew out my back, which was scary. I mostly feared he would get into something and I wouldn’t be able to move to stop him. Instead, he surprised me by behaving really well and staying very close to me. He must have sensed something was wrong. Except maybe when he climbed on my legs as I was struggling to stand up!

Energizer Bunny

Little Man and I were busy playing all morning. When he woke from his nap, I was ready to surprise him with an already filled pool. I handed him his swim trunks while he was still in his crib. He sat down to inspect them closer when I asked him what they were. When I told him they were shorts for the pool, he got really excited and said the word over and over. While he played in the pool, I sat across from him. He would fling water into the air, occasionally getting me, so I would make a surprised face and yell out with my hands and feet in the air. He thought this was pretty funny and started imitating me, which ended with half the pool water outside the pool.

We met up with Max and another friend at¬†musical storytime. Little Man was a social butterfly and a ball of energy. He wandered around the room, smiling at people, making new friends, or following a slightly bigger kid around. He played with bells, streamers, and maracas, rolled around on the floor, and got into some other mischief. Despite giving me my exercise for the day chasing him around the room, he was super cute, and it was fun watching him be independent. My favorite part is when we were doing a rhyme that starts out about a rocket ship. At the end of each verse, the librarian “zooms, “woos,” or “ahs.” After that moment, in the silence, Little Man would imitate the sound, at a pretty loud volume, throwing his hands in the air then giggling. He loves music and rhymes, and he was happy to join in. It seems he also enjoys entertaining others. Before we left the library, he¬†played with Max at the Lego table (first time seeing this!). Of course it consisted of knocking other creations down and taking them apart. It was pretty cute to see them both reach their hands into the bin and swirl the blocks around, frantically, at the same time.

On the way home, Little Man was talkative in his car seat. He really loves this Putt Putt book we took from grandpa and grandma’s house in Iowa. I always give it to him when we drive, and while it occasionally gets thrown between the seat and the door, he usually sits “reading” it out loud. Today, he must have been in a silly mood, because I could hear him making exaggerated noises. As I glance back in the mirror, I see he is looking at himself. He is scrunching up his face or making an “O” with his mouth. I laugh and he does a few more faces before going back to reading.

After an afternoon nap, which he clearly worked himself up for, we played a lot more. We even took a nice long walk where he could see lots of planes. We played in his room right before bed, and he walked around snuggling his Elmo to his chest. I started to read his bedtime stories, but after the first one, he pointed to his bed. He has done this before, and I took it to mean that he wanted to go to sleep, but he never really wanted to. I tried again by turning off the lights. No crying. He pointed to his books, but when I told him no, he pointed to his bed again. I told him it was bedtime, but I wanted to rock him for a bit, because while the routine is supposed to be for him, it’s for me too.