Sigh, Elmo.

After I checked on Little Man in his crib last night (sleeping soundly next to his stuffed Elmo), I had trouble falling asleep, so I sat up, reading. When I finally got around to shutting off the light at some odd hours this morning, Little Man must have sensed the commotion from down the hall. I heard him shift around, trying to get comfortable. I hear some random, sleepy, babbling, and then clear as day, “Elmo.” I hear soft sighs, and he drifted back to sleep. It took me some time to get used to leaving the stuffed animal in there. I would take it out after he had fallen asleep, but James reassured me that Little Man would be fine. Leaving it in was a good choice, as it clearly brings him comfort. Now we go in every morning to find him with a smile on his face and Elmo held close to his chest.

A Good Day

Little Man woke up with barely a sign of the roseola rash. I took that as a good sign, and I was right. It was the first day in a long time that he has seemed to feel well. He ate two waffles for breakfast before we played in the basement. We snuggled on the couch, and I nuzzled the back of his head, breathing in his freshly washed hair. He took a nap before work, catching up on some much needed rest. He ate everything I brought him for lunch and snacks while we were at work. He played well with the baby, helping her spin one of her new toys and giving her one of his cars. We went on a walk in the 80 (yes, 80) degree weather, and Little Man was quiet and relaxed as we walked for about 45 minutes. We played in the yard afterwards where he drug his feet through dried leaves, creating a pile around himself. He quietly read his book in the car on the way home. We played outside with the bubbles before daddy got home with groceries, and he saw the neighbor dog and another neighbor’s cat. He ate a huge dinner. I was so relieved to see his appetite back. He colored quietly while daddy and I finished eating. Then he played with daddy in his room, and he seemed so happy to be home. I let daddy put him to sleep, since I could tell Little Man wanted some daddy time, and James said Little Man was squeezing him close as he rocked to sleep.

I am elated he seems to be feeling better, and though today still came with some toddler challenges, I hope tomorrow is just as good.

Roseola Round Two

So this past month has been a nightmare of doctor visits for Little Man. First it was his 18 month check up where he got shots. A week later we were in for a cough and left with medicine for an ear infection. Went back a couple weeks later for a follow up. Another week and another bad cough. A few days, another ear infection with a high fever. Saturday night his fever broke, after three days of high temps. Sunday, he broke out in a rash, little flat red dots on his chest, back, neck, and face. We worried it was an allergic reaction since he kept rubbing his head as though he was itchy. We called the doctor on-call who told us to stop the antibiotic and walk-in to the office in the morning. We went in when they opened only to have to hear they don’t take walk-ins after 8:30 in the morning. Though after some complaining on the verge of tears, they saw us. We saw the same doctor who looked him over on Friday, and she immediately said it didn’t look like an allergic reaction (whew). It was roseola. Again (He got it sometime in the spring, I think). So, here was poor Little Man last week, with an ear infection caused by congestion and a fever caused by roseola. All at once. Good thing we didn’t go trick-or-treating with friends when he was contagious!

Luckily, the worst should now be over. He is back on the antibiotics to clear up his ear, and while he is covered in little red dots (his precious skin!), roseola isn’t something that is usually uncomfortable (other than his head rubbing). Other than being a little sleepy (all those rough nights catching up to him), he was his normal self (which still sometimes means whining!). We played around the house, napped together in the big bed, and he even played soccer with daddy while I had a massage. I came home to him eating chow mien noodles, watching daddy cook. Before bath and bedtime, we raced his new cars in the living room. We each had one near the window, and we let them fly after a countdown. Little Man let out a raucous laugh, and wanted to do it again.

My poor little guy. I just hope we are getting all of this season’s sicknesses out of the way at once.

Frozen on Ice

No fever this morning, and Little Man seemed to be in better spirits. Still not getting a good night’s sleep, but much better. After lunch, we got dressed. I put on one of Little Man’s new shirts, a moose, inspired by Sven the reindeer. We donned his Olaf beanie hat and we were ready for Frozen on Ice. As soon as we walked in the arena, he was amazed at all the flashing lights, stuffed animals, hats, toys, and little girls dressed as Elsa. He ooh-ed as we walked around. We grabbed some pretzel bites and headed to our seats, conveniently on the end, and close to the rink. Little Man was mesmerized. He watched the vendors walk around, selling things shaped like snowmen and crowns. One was cotton candy that came with a hat of Olaf’s head. Anytime he saw it, he would point and say, “hat.” Daddy went to get one for him, and he found it pretty funny. He even tried the cotton candy. He loved it until he went for a second handful and it stuck to his wet fingers. Then, he didn’t care for it much anymore.

When the show started, he sat in my lap, staring the entire time. I think it was a lot for him to take in. He recognized Mickey Mouse when he came out in the beginning, and he loved the giant Sven and Olaf. He would point them out or clap, but there was mostly staring. After a bit, he must have smelled the popcorn behind us, because he turned around and looked as if he were begging for some. Despite eating most of the pretzels, he must have been hungry. Getting some goldfish in his system seemed to liven him up, and he started smiling and pointing. He really loved when things came down from the ceiling, like banners and lights. There was even fake snow. He sat through the entire thing, leaning against either me or daddy, with the exception of standing in front of me during intermission. He was content to just watch. And while he seemed to enjoy the music and dancing, I know it would have been better had he been feeling well.

Missing Out

Early on in the day, it was clear that Little Man wasn’t at 100%. It makes sense, since he had only had one dose of his antibiotic, but we had hoped for a quick turnaround. Another night of tossing and waking up meant he was tired, and it was clear that his ear was in pain. This meant we had to cancel plans we made over a month ago. No Boo at the Smithsonian Zoo for Little Man. It would have been outside, late at night, and just too much for him right now. I know he is too young to realize what he missed out on, and he probably felt much happier staying at home, but I still felt terrible that he wouldn’t get to have such a great adventure. But, we still plan to trick-or-treat for Halloween, and there is always next year for the zoo.

After breakfast, Little Man and I snuggled on the couch for a bit. I am letting him veg out a lot more than normal in hopes that it is distracting and helping him relax. Only two hours after waking for the day, I could see he was just too tired. I took him upstairs and decided I would lay with him. This seemed to make him happy, and he was out in a minute. I sat awake for awhile, just looking at his face, wishing I could take away his pain. Daddy came back from running errands, and Little Man seemed to wake up in great spirits. We even had a short dance party in the living room.

Later, he played with daddy downstairs, but I could hear that he wasn’t feeling great. I came down to check and found him laying on his daddy’s chest. I quietly backed away and left them to their moment. In the evening, after dinner, we played downstairs again. This time, Little Man was at least throwing a ball around and playing with his cars. I was laying on the couch, daddy was on the floor, and it was getting close to bedtime. Despite two naps, Little Man’s eyes were already drooping. He plopped on the floor next to daddy, his head not even on daddy’s arm, but on the floor. He wiggled onto his belly, and I watched him suck in and out his gut, making exaggerated motions. He flipped to his back and did the same, this time pinching his belly. I asked him what he was doing, and when he looked at me, we both laughed. He flipped to his stomach again. This time, he lay there quietly, and I asked if he was going to fall asleep. He looked up at me and nodded. His blinking started getting slower, and I started to see his eyes roll back in his head. We decided it was time to have his milk and get ready for bed. Of course, milk late at night always means bed to him, so he immediately wanted to play in his kitchen. A sick little guy and still using stall tactics to avoid bedtime!

Too Mature

After a second day of fevers, lack of appetite, and general sleepiness, I took Little Man to the pediatrician. It wasn’t a new illness, thank goodness. Instead, the congestion he has had for a week caused a “nasty ear infection,” in the words of the doctor. He doesn’t care much for the doctor’s office. He usually says, “go go,” and points to the door as soon as we get in the little room. But, he is a flirt, and a sucker for a pretty nurse. He was patient while she checked his vitals, maybe since he has been there four times in a row without needing a shot now. He finally ate something, even if it was only crackers at first. Then I asked if he wanted a fig bar. A smile formed on his lips, “bar bar.” He devoured it, and luckily drank some water with it.

When the doctor finally came in, he was settled enough to let her check him as well. She commented on his cute hat, and he took it off to put on her head. She played along and he laughed. As she continued with the checkup, she commented that there was no way he was nineteen months. “You’re too mature,” she told him, as he talked and smiled. He also sat very still, until she checked his ears. Of course, once he got some more pain reliever, and his fever started to go down, he was much happier.

We took him out for chicken nuggets and fries, which he ate most of. Daddy went to pick up his prescription, and I took him home for a short, lukewarm bath. He had fun coloring on the bathtub wall (and my band-aid from my flu shot). After having his tasty medicine and refusing a popsicle (seriously, kid?!), he played quietly in his room with daddy. I came in and we read a few stories before rocking to sleep. I got sweet smiles as I placed him in his crib with Elmo, which I hope is a good sign for tomorrow.

Handing Out Kisses

I try and trick Little Man in to giving me hugs as often as I can. Each time I get him dressed, I ask him to hold on to my shoulders. Then I ask him for a hug, and I can usually sucker one out of him if he is in a decent mood. Another day feeling not-so-hot meant Little Man was more than willing to show me some love. I would lean my forehead into the back of his head, and he’d lean into me, and we would rub our heads together, giggling. Then he’d tilt his head back so he could see me and give me a smile. After a change, I stood him up, and he leaned in for what I thought was a head bump. I quickly realized it was a kiss. I thanked him for such a sweet kiss, and he leaned in to give me another. I took it greedily. Then I got a hug and a head on my shoulder. Despite feeling down in the dumps today, he did well at work again, but I am so happy we get tomorrow alone. I am predicting lots of snuggle time. I just hope he is feeling better.