Here Puppy!

Little Man loved showing off new things today by imitating almost everything I did. I was telling my parents a story that involved me pinching my thumb and forefinger together. I glanced at Little Man as I do this, and I saw he was pinching his thumb and forefinger together too. He repeated silly noises in the car when nana and papa made them. He even made the same silly face I did after waking up from our afternoon nap. But my favorite was when we were sitting on the couch and I called Koda over. As soon as I said it, Little Man began patting his chest. After a moment, I realized he was imitating me when I tell Koda to jump up and give me a hug. He did it the rest of the day. So, he knows how to call his puppy brothers over, but if only they knew how to listen.

First Haircut

Little Man’s hair is finally starting to fill in at the back. He didn’t have much when he was born, and only the front has grown much. He got a couple colic areas from his daddy, so we had taken to sweeping his hair to one side. Some strands grew faster than others, and depending on the day, he would appear to have what people started calling a comb-over. Of course, I didn’t care for this term, since regardless of how his hair was styled, he was adorable. I kept putting off getting it cut, because, well, it’s his baby hair. Would it ever again be this downy soft? How could I cut away something that has been with him since birth? Well, today, for the sake of his “ladies man” status, I did it.

As he finished up some snacks with lunch, I brought out tiny scissors. He pulled away several times, but I was able to cut the strands away. I didn’t take off much. He still has his side swept hair, but now he has a much cleaner look. I took the tiny strands and placed them in a plastic baggie. I teased James about how they looked red. I labeled it and put it in his keepsake box. I was just thinking about how the baggie seems too big to contain that small amount of hair. But when I think about the emotions and memories it contains, it could never be big enough.

It’s Red

It’s play time in the sun room, and while he needed me to sit with him, he is entertaining himself. He begins to rifle through his toy bin, and tosses a small book at me. It it a simple color book, so I try to engage him by teaching him a color. I grab a ball, foam mat, and plush screw. I explain that each item is the color red. He glances at each one and goes back to playing. I put down all but the red ball and grab a blue one. I ask him to show me which one is the red one. He smiles at me, looking at the balls. I ask again, and he grabs the red one. I cheer and his smile gets bigger. I pick up a red and yellow foam mat and ask the same questions. I even had the red one in a different hand than before. He chose the red. I cheer louder and give him a hug. He giggles and we keep playing. A little bit later, I try a red truck and a yellow monkey, but he seems to struggle with this one a bit. When daddy gets home, we try again, but he was too distracted. I am not sure if he really knew it was the color red or if he was just naturally drawn to that color, like Clifford and Elmo. We’ll see in time.

On a bonus note, he pointed to the horse when asked during his bed time story. I had an inkling he knew this word for a while, but it was the first time he showed it to me. He seems to do a really great job with searching a busy page or floor to find what I ask for.

How About that Puppy Brother!

Little Man and I arrived early to lunch with friends. We went up to the counter to place our order. Along the wall are pictures of animals up for adoption; sweet pictures of cats and dogs with pleas to find them a home. Little Man points at one of the dogs on the wall, and I explain how they are dogs and cats looking for homes. I tell the woman my order and hand her my card. It is one of those debit cards where you can choose the picture. I did mine a few years ago, just after we got Gimli, so it is a picture of the two fur babies. Everyone comments on it. The woman cooed at the cute picture, and Little Man pointed at it. I said, “Yes, those are your puppy brothers.” Upon hearing the word “puppy,” he turned back to the picture of the dog on the wall. Later I asked him where the “dog” was, and he pointed at one of the pictures on the wall. I am not shocked he knows this word, but I am proud that he knows it interchangeably with “puppy.”

On another note, each time we were in the car today, I told him “Love you!” I would say it several times to try and get him to repeat it. Instead, he shook his head “no” at me. When I faked a frown, he would giggle. As my friend said, he knows how to toy with my emotions.

Sweet and Sour

Little Man loves to play with my hair. Ever since I cut it, getting rid of about four inches, he seems even more amazed. At first I thought it was just because I wore it down more, and he would try and help me blow it out of my face like I taught him. But even when we are just lounging around, and my hair is up, he is always reaching to touch it. Usually pull it, but he can be gentle sometimes. At lunch, he pointed at the left side of my face,which means he wants me to bring my ponytail closer so he can touch it. Then he pointed to the right side, for the same reason. After doing this a few times, I set my head on the table in front of him, resting on my chin. He giggled. Then he gently touched the hair around the crown of my head, just barely brushing it with his hand. Then he leaned in and gave me kisses on my forehead. Just like I do for him. He did it a few times. It was so sweet I could have cried. Then he bit me.

I would like to add he was actually very sweet today, saying “mama” a lot in his sweet voice. And I continue to try and get him to say “Love you,” like he did once two days ago.

Watching Him Play

As I’ve mentioned before, on most days, Little Man refuses to play on his own. He will stand there and cry until I come and just sit next to him or pick him up. Then, of course, the crying stops instantly. I have tried ignoring him, soothing him, and even reprimanding him, but to no avail. I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me want to pull my hair out sometimes. Then again, I love the smile he gives me when I sit down, even if it is mixed in with a devilish “I won” attitude. He’ll instantly climb into my lap, then either go about playing “on his own” or continue climbing all over me. I got both today. In the morning, he used me like a jungle gym, crawling over me, hiding behind my back, and playing with my hair. In the afternoon, he crawled around his room, playing with his toys, and occasionally handing me a book. I just sat there and watched him. I always wonder what he is thinking as he plays. In the evening with daddy, I got a mix of both. He was giggling and rolling around. We tickled him and snuggled him,  which got him all riled up. He crawled over to his truck and began playing on his own, and James and I just watched him. It’s my favorite when he “talks” as he plays by himself. I imagine him creating his own stories. I can’t wait until he can share them with me.

Driving the Truck

We made a trip to Home Depot to help out with the spring cleaning inspired by the beautiful weather the past few days. Little Man was dressed in a tank top and shorts, showing off those baby muscles. As we went to get a cart, I spotted one that looked like a truck, with two wheels facing forward. They way the seat was set up, Little Man was able to sit in it. He “drove” around the store, pointing at pedestrians, talking up a storm, and laughing at the fun he was having. To go along with what I talked about yesterday, he even leaned over, smiling, and tried talking to a lady who walked by him. He was so adorable and looked like such a big boy. Later, we went to another store and grabbed some dinner, and Little Man was so talkative. His personality amazes me every day.

He spotted a lady...

He spotted a lady…