Missing Out

Early on in the day, it was clear that Little Man wasn’t at 100%. It makes sense, since he had only had one dose of his antibiotic, but we had hoped for a quick turnaround. Another night of tossing and waking up meant he was tired, and it was clear that his ear was in pain. This meant we had to cancel plans we made over a month ago. No Boo at the Smithsonian Zoo for Little Man. It would have been outside, late at night, and just too much for him right now. I know he is too young to realize what he missed out on, and he probably felt much happier staying at home, but I still felt terrible that he wouldn’t get to have such a great adventure. But, we still plan to trick-or-treat for Halloween, and there is always next year for the zoo.

After breakfast, Little Man and I snuggled on the couch for a bit. I am letting him veg out a lot more than normal in hopes that it is distracting and helping him relax. Only two hours after waking for the day, I could see he was just too tired. I took him upstairs and decided I would lay with him. This seemed to make him happy, and he was out in a minute. I sat awake for awhile, just looking at his face, wishing I could take away his pain. Daddy came back from running errands, and Little Man seemed to wake up in great spirits. We even had a short dance party in the living room.

Later, he played with daddy downstairs, but I could hear that he wasn’t feeling great. I came down to check and found him laying on his daddy’s chest. I quietly backed away and left them to their moment. In the evening, after dinner, we played downstairs again. This time, Little Man was at least throwing a ball around and playing with his cars. I was laying on the couch, daddy was on the floor, and it was getting close to bedtime. Despite two naps, Little Man’s eyes were already drooping. He plopped on the floor next to daddy, his head not even on daddy’s arm, but on the floor. He wiggled onto his belly, and I watched him suck in and out his gut, making exaggerated motions. He flipped to his back and did the same, this time pinching his belly. I asked him what he was doing, and when he looked at me, we both laughed. He flipped to his stomach again. This time, he lay there quietly, and I asked if he was going to fall asleep. He looked up at me and nodded. His blinking started getting slower, and I started to see his eyes roll back in his head. We decided it was time to have his milk and get ready for bed. Of course, milk late at night always means bed to him, so he immediately wanted to play in his kitchen. A sick little guy and still using stall tactics to avoid bedtime!

Too Mature

After a second day of fevers, lack of appetite, and general sleepiness, I took Little Man to the pediatrician. It wasn’t a new illness, thank goodness. Instead, the congestion he has had for a week caused a “nasty ear infection,” in the words of the doctor. He doesn’t care much for the doctor’s office. He usually says, “go go,” and points to the door as soon as we get in the little room. But, he is a flirt, and a sucker for a pretty nurse. He was patient while she checked his vitals, maybe since he has been there four times in a row without needing a shot now. He finally ate something, even if it was only crackers at first. Then I asked if he wanted a fig bar. A smile formed on his lips, “bar bar.” He devoured it, and luckily drank some water with it.

When the doctor finally came in, he was settled enough to let her check him as well. She commented on his cute hat, and he took it off to put on her head. She played along and he laughed. As she continued with the checkup, she commented that there was no way he was nineteen months. “You’re too mature,” she told him, as he talked and smiled. He also sat very still, until she checked his ears. Of course, once he got some more pain reliever, and his fever started to go down, he was much happier.

We took him out for chicken nuggets and fries, which he ate most of. Daddy went to pick up his prescription, and I took him home for a short, lukewarm bath. He had fun coloring on the bathtub wall (and my band-aid from my flu shot). After having his tasty medicine and refusing a popsicle (seriously, kid?!), he played quietly in his room with daddy. I came in and we read a few stories before rocking to sleep. I got sweet smiles as I placed him in his crib with Elmo, which I hope is a good sign for tomorrow.

Handing Out Kisses

I try and trick Little Man in to giving me hugs as often as I can. Each time I get him dressed, I ask him to hold on to my shoulders. Then I ask him for a hug, and I can usually sucker one out of him if he is in a decent mood. Another day feeling not-so-hot meant Little Man was more than willing to show me some love. I would lean my forehead into the back of his head, and he’d lean into me, and we would rub our heads together, giggling. Then he’d tilt his head back so he could see me and give me a smile. After a change, I stood him up, and he leaned in for what I thought was a head bump. I quickly realized it was a kiss. I thanked him for such a sweet kiss, and he leaned in to give me another. I took it greedily. Then I got a hug and a head on my shoulder. Despite feeling down in the dumps today, he did well at work again, but I am so happy we get tomorrow alone. I am predicting lots of snuggle time. I just hope he is feeling better.

Snuggles Make a Cold Go Away

I felt sad for Little Man today. He’s still feeling a little under the weather. So after breakfast, we headed downstairs to his favorite place to play. Instead, he just wanted to cuddle on the couch. I was perfectly fine with that. We lay there, snuggling, watching some PBS. After a while, Little Man got up and looked as if he was about to play. I can’t remember what song came on, but he started jumping up and down, and I am pretty sure I saw his feet leave the floor at the same time. But, being slightly tired, and very clumsy, he toppled over in excitement and bumped his head (not too hard). I scooped him up, held him to me, and soothed him. He quieted quickly, but did not want to be put down. We sat there, with his head on my shoulder, for another 15 minutes at least. Anytime I made to move or even asked him if he wanted to go have a cup of milk, he whined. He just wanted to be held. I was perfectly fine with that.

I’ve been noticing more and more how close he is getting to full sentences. He really tries, and James and I do a pretty good job of deciphering what he means. Today I am pretty sure he said, “outside go car,” to which I had to sadly tell him we had just arrived at work. He was once again mommy’s little helper, despite desperately needing sleep and refusing to nap without me. He brought the baby toys, even if it meant piling them on her lap. At least he was sharing! He entertained her late in the day, when it was clearly the witching hour. We were singing songs, and she had fun watching him. I told him that he was making her smile. He said, “boo,” like he was playing the peekaboo game. Then he dropped below the rock-and-play. I asked the baby where he went, and her smile faded. Little Man popped up, laughing, and she laughed, too, until he dropped out of sight again. He did this for a few minutes, laughing constantly. I am glad he is starting to settle in, even if we still need to work on napping.

On the way home, I got tired of the radio playing the same five songs, so I put in a CD. It was the Lord of the Rings soundtrack with it’s instrumental playlist. After each track, Little Man smiled and applauded. He is clearly doomed to be nerdy! I’ll just call it cultured! When we walked in the door, he saw daddy, smiled, and returned daddy’s hello with a, “hi daddy,” which is almost as cute as when I get greeted in the morning with a “hi mama.”

Over a Year of Posts

Little Man was a crazy man this morning. Running amok around the house, and he didn’t sit down for two minutes. When his friend Max came over to play before we went to work, he got even more hyper. That cold must be making him loopy. Even Max gave him some looks. Despite the overall energy, I could tell he was excited and happy to have his friend over to play. At work, he was well behaved, even though he only got to take a 45 minute nap. He played with the baby, making faces and noises at her. And when I fed her a bottle, he even came over and helped me pat her back for a burp. When it was time to go home, I ran to the car, since it was raining. This always gives Little Man a big laugh. At home, he played a long time with daddy, and when I came to join they were watching Family Feud. Little Man loves this show because they clap so much. He just sits there, laughing and smiling at the television, clapping along. I usually insert some witty comment, which he laughs at for my benefit.

As he drank his milk before bed, I sat there just looking at him. I touched his small arms, skinny legs, and little belly. I thought about how he’s just a miniature person, with more personality than some adults I know. I couldn’t get over how small he was, even though I usually complain that he is growing so fast. Last night, after I posted, I realized that I have been writing about our day for over a year now. Not quite every day of his life, but every day since he was around six months. Some days when I go to write, I feel like I can’t think of what to say. I don’t want to write about something I have already, but then again, life is like that sometimes. Slightly repetitive. Sometimes boring. I shouldn’t get worried when I can’t capture the perfect day. Because, really, every day with Little Man is interesting and exciting. Even if we do the same thing we did the day before.

Sharing with Daddy

Little Man loves doing things that daddy does. I love watching him imitate daddy and try to do things for his attention. Whenever daddy leaves for work, Little Man gets upset, and throughout the day will keep asking where he is. When daddy came home at lunch, he woke up from his nap, almost like he could sense daddy’s presence. He spotted daddy’s pizza on the counter, pointed, and said, “mmm.” When daddy asked if he wanted some, he smiled, opened his eyes wide and nodded. He sat on daddy’s lap, waiting patiently to take a bite. Daddy blew on it to cool it off, and he would lean in for a little nibble.

After dinner, they played downstairs while I did some cleaning. Daddy gave him a bath where they played with new bath crayons. Afterwards, we tried to get him to settle down for bed, so he had a little milk. I normally give him the milk, but he didn’t want to come to me, and instead curled in to daddy. When he was finished, he got up and started playing with a hat, and daddy made for the new ice cream I got at the store. I asked why he wasn’t waiting, since he knew Little Man would ask for some as soon as he saw it. James looked at me, a little sheepishly, and said that was why he was eating it now, so they could share it. I couldn’t help but smile. I turned to Little Man and told him that daddy had a special treat. Little Man “oooh’-ed and got really excited when he saw the bowl. They headed to the couch, and Little Man got in his lap. There they shared the entire bowl of “cuck-coo” and cream ice cream. I just kept smiling and basking in the adorableness that is my two boys.


After such a rough (well, mostly long and exciting) day yesterday, it seemed no one got enough sleep. After playing for a couple hours, it was clear we all needed a nap. I took Little Man into the bedroom and snuggled him on the bed. At first, he wasn’t happy, but when I reassured him that I wasn’t leaving, he settled in and fell asleep in minutes. It didn’t me much longer after that. While the only way I can get him to sleep at work is laying with me like this, it is a rare treat when I get to take a nap with him. It reminds me of when he was small, and I was begging to get a moment alone to clean the house. Now I look for any excuse to cuddle. Parenthood is funny like that, I suppose. The house was quiet for a while as everyone recuperated. When we woke, Little Man looked at me and gave me a lazy smile. He touched my cheek, and quietly said, “mama.” I smiled back and gave him a kiss on the nose.

We headed home early in the afternoon, but we hit quite a bit of traffic. Little Man was a trooper in the car, considering how long it had been. He didn’t want to take another nap, so that only exacerbated the problem. We realized we need to just stop every couple hours to give him a break, especially if he doesn’t sleep. We ended up stopping when we hit another bad patch, and grabbed some dinner. Little Man got a happy meal, and seemed much more interested in the bucket toy (for Halloween) than eating. He amazed me again with new words today, Grandma and Koda, and I can never get over how much he loves to talk. After getting back in the car, we picked up the doggies, and headed home. We played in his room for a bit, and you could see how happy he was, probably just to be out of the car. I read him his bedtime stories, and he cried after the third. I don’t think he did it to stay up later, I think he did it so I would stay with him. So, I rocked him until he fell asleep.