Making Some Phone Calls

This morning, I started making Little Man’s breakfast while daddy was holding him. My back was turned, and I heard daddy ask for a kiss. I am sure Little Man obliged; he is especially sweet in the morning. And a moment later I hear, “mama?” I turn to see him leaning forward for a kiss. What a sweet guy I have.

While at work, Little Man only wanted to play while sitting on my lap. I had to convince him to go play with his toys, and he came back a minute later with his play phone (the actual phone one he got from the phone lady). He had me slide it open, and then he started making his calls. He walked around the living room, doing his sweet, toddler, babble-talk. Every so often I would catch him saying a word or two, like papa or nana, but whenever I asked who he was talking to, he always said, “daddy.” He did this for many minutes, holding what sounded like real conversations, and I wished I had my own phone to catch it on video.

In the evening, we all played in the basement living room, and Little Man started showing off his speaking skills. He knows so many words that I don’t even think I could count them all. He was naming off animals for daddy, like giraffe, whale, and my personal favorite, rhino. He played hard, and still tried to show he was ready to play at bedtime by pointing at his toys, but he ended up crashing early after a long day. Luckily, we have only one day of work left before a nice holiday break.

Don’t Joke About Cookies

As we both got home late from work, we headed out for a quick bite to eat. We stopped at Jersey Mike’s, the only place where Little Man will eat a lunch meat sandwich. For some reason, he loves the turkey sandwich meal, maybe because he knows it comes with a cookie. I joked with James that we should talk to them about an ad campaign! He ate well, likely because he was distracted by all the high school girls near our table. I caught him flirting a couple times, as always. When he seemed to stop eating, I took out the cookie. He said the word and began eyeing it greedily. Daddy told him we share the cookie, and Little Man very slowly turned his head to him and gave him a death stare. I couldn’t stop laughing. When only Little Man had a bite left, daddy asked if he could have some, and he got a “are you kidding me” look.

When we got home, Little Man was excited to see a package from grandma and papa in Iowa. We took the presents out of the box to show him what it was, but once he realized he couldn’t open one yet, he got very upset. Since he had been so good that day, even at work, we let him open one (I hope grandma and papa don’t mind too much). We let him open what ended up being a book about Santa coming to Iowa! So I guess it was fitting we opened it early. He wanted to read it right away.

As we played in his room before bed, I had Little Man show daddy his new dance. We hold hands and sway back and forth while Little Man picks up his feet one at a time. While we swayed, I sang a tune “daa-daa-daa-daa.” He laughed and ran to play. He was throwing around the wrapping paper around, saying, “catch!” but refusing to catch himself. He started saying, “da da,” which at first I thought he meant daddy, but I realized when he grabbed my hands that he wanted to start dancing again. Before bed, we read his new book, and he loved to point at Santa and the reindeer.

Storytime and Lightsabers

This morning, we headed over to the library for storytime. It had been months since our last visit now that we are busy with work. The session we sat in on was mostly for younger kids, but Little Man seemed to entertain himself. We met up with his friend Brooke, and they both seemed to enjoy the rhymes and music. At first, Little Man just wanted to watch the librarian with her teddy bear, but soon he was jumping up, dancing, rolling around on the floor, and pointing out colors. When it was time to put away the maracas, Little Man followed the librarian, having to double back to get around people, so he could put his in the basket himself. Soon enough, storytime was over and the librarian brought out the toys. I told Little Man he should go get some and bring them back for him and Brooke to play. He seemed excited to have this task and made his way delicately to the front of the room to grab a couple toys. He brought them back proudly, only to turn around and get more. He kept returning with a stash of toys, and each time, he’d make his way cautiously back to the front, occasionally stopping to look back at me to see if it was okay. We stopped at the Lego and puppet area, and he had fun imitating each animal. Before we left, I realized he left his favorite yellow bus in the playroom, but luckily the librarian helped us find it. I am just glad another kid didn’t end up walking out with it!

After dinner, daddy and Little Man went downstairs to play. It wasn’t long before I heard the sound of a lightsaber starting up. James called me downstairs, and I walked down to find the lights off and Little Man swinging daddy’s nice lightsaber around. He was giggling and oohing at the sounds it made. He would pick it up enough to bump it on the floor to hear the sound effects, and he pushed it around the floor as if it was a vacuum, likely do to the constant humming sound it makes. I always knew his lightsaber would be red!

Remembering Knights

This afternoon, Little Man was still talking about the knight. Whenever he could, he was playing with his blue flag, waving it through the air. I asked who we cheered for, and he still answered, “Blue!” and I nearly cried from the cuteness.

The rest of the afternoon was a little rough. We did a little Christmas shopping, since I don’t have as much free time as I used to. This meant stores were a little crowded, and Little Man was a little cranky. We tried to make it as quick as possible, but he just wanted everything on the shelves. At Target, I let him out of the cart so he could walk around. Of course, he went straight for the first thing he saw on the shelves. He took my hand and we started walking, but he was just so excited. He wanted to run and explore, and he wasn’t in the mood to hear why he couldn’t do that in a store crowded with people.

When we got home, he played with his flag some more before it was time for dinner and then a bath. I ran the water while he played with daddy is his room. When the tub was full and soapy, I went to get him. I told him the bath was ready, and he jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I laughed when he looked like he was ready to jump in. He splashed at the water and said “bubbles!” I told him he had to get undressed first. Once undressed, I told him he should go get daddy. He ran, naked and laughing back into his bedroom. Daddy laughed too. Little Man ran back to the bathroom,┬ásaid, “cold,” in reference to the tile floor, so he ran back into his bedroom to roll around naked!

Medieval Times

Last week, James surprised me with tickets to Medieval Times outside Baltimore. I had never been, so add that on top of getting to take Little Man to a show we knew he would enjoy, and you could say I was excited. We tried to arrive early to get good seats, but the parking situation at this mall was a little crazy. But as it turned out, luck was on our side. We were given seats in the Blue Knight’s area, a color Little Man can say, and we got seats on the end of the row. We walked around for the few minutes we had until we were allowed to sit, and Little Man seemed overwhelmed. There were a lot of people milling about, a man was announcing from up on a castle wall, and we had just driven an hour to get there. When we first walked in, we were given blue cardboard crowns. Little Man loves hats, but he wasn’t too keen on the fake paper ones. We were then ushered over to stand next to the king for our picture. Others helped keep Little Man’s attention so he was looking at the camera, but he wasn’t smiling, so we ended up not purchasing it.

Soon enough, we got inside and found our seats. Little Man just seemed to be taking it all in as we explained about the show. I got some cute pictures with him smiling, but it wasn’t until the announcer came out on a horse that he really seemed excited. We bought him a flag to root for the Blue Knight, and he sat gripping it tightly while he watched the knights being announced. The more that came out, the more animated Little Man became. When the food arrived, he devoured it. Apparently, that’s the trick to getting him to eat a lot of chicken: feed it to him like the olden days. I am pretty sure most of my adult-sized meal went to him. Luckily, he ate daddy’s dessert. He ate a lot because he was clearly distracted by the show. He would throw out the occasional, “yay!” or talk about the horses. It wasn’t until he was finished and clearly revived that he went full blown excited. He was waving his flag around, cheering and laughing, and imitating a whinnying horse. Despite being excited to watch the show myself, I spent a lot of the time watching him. His excitement was a show in itself. The jousts and fighting at the end seemed exciting to him as well, but he also seemed concerned for the knights. Sadly, our young Blue Knight did not fare well, but our side of the realm won at least.

On the way home, Little Man just kept talking about the knights, saying the word over and over, sometimes in barely a whisper. Each time, a smile was plastered on his face. He told me about the horses, the falcon that flew over our heads when the Falconer had come out (he pointed up and made his bird noise), and his hat (which he now loves). I asked if he had fun, and he got a huge smile and nodded emphatically. Every so often I would hear him say, “knight,” and I would ask again which one we root for. “Blue!” I’m sure he’ll have dreams of knights and horses tonight!

Building Planes and Cookies

It’s after dinner, and we are playing in the basement living room. Little Man has been running around like crazy, but eventually he wants to sit on my lap and build with his lego-type toys. He begins to stack some of them together, then stands up to run over to daddy who is on the couch. He makes his airplane noise as he moves the pieces through the air. I notice that it was kind of airplane shaped. I praise him, and he hands it to me. I fly it through the air some more, and his face lights up. He sits back in my lap, and we start building some other things. He stacks some in a circle, then tells me it’s a cookie. He leans forward to pretend to take a bite, all while saying, “mmmm.” I start laughing, since this is what he did a few days ago with the donut. It just occurred to me that the “cookie” he had built had a hole in the center and did resemble a donut! I wish I had been more observant and asked him if that’s what he meant, because he knows the word. He kept pretending to eat the cookie until he noticed me doubled over from laughter. This only made him pretend to eat it in a more exaggerated way, laughing the whole time. What an imaginative little guy!

Ready to Go

Little Man and I had a pretty good day at work. He slept well, and I spent some of that naptime just staring at his face. He still has a hard time when I hold her, so I might end up suggesting a change for the new year. My favorite part of the day came when we were almost up at work. We sat playing with the baby in front of her toy box. Little Man had taken everything out and was making noise with each one. I can’t recall what he did that made me say that we were leaving soon. He asked, “daddy?” I told him that yes, we would be seeing him at home for dinner. I gave the baby another toy and was getting her to laugh when I noticed that Little Man was putting everything back in the toy chest. Sort of in a hurry. Apparently, he was ready to go see daddy that moment. And when we got home, I took his coat and shoes off, and he wandered around the main floor calling daddy’s name until he came downstairs. The smile he gave his daddy melted my heart.