All About the Puppy Brothers

Little Man becomes more and more enamored with the dogs each day. He is constantly patting his chest to “call” them over, and surprisingly, Koda seems to be taking an interest. While we were playing in the sun room, Koda came up to the barrier and smelled Little Man. Giggling, Little Man pet Koda, then imitated the sniffing. Koda leaned in and gave him a big lick, making Little Man laugh, tuck his chin to his chest, and scoot away.

In the afternoon, Little Man finished his milk to the sound of Gimli chewing on a bone. He sat up, looked at Gimli, and did what I would call the “pained smile,” where it’s almost a grimace. I assume it was out of sympathy for Gimli’s poor teeth.

As we waited for daddy to come home, I opened the windows. The boys sat staring out the window, with Little Man yelling “DADA!” and pointing to his empty parking space.


My Little Parrot

Little Man is learning by leaps and bounds. He amazed me today by his ability to repeat or imitate almost everything he heard or saw.

This morning, while we played in his room, he handed me a book that he normally never wants to read. It’s  called “Love Song for a Baby” or something along those lines. He sat still, his full attention on the pictures as I turned the pages. He loves to point out babies in pictures, so I knew that was why he was so attentive. Then we got to a picture where the baby was laughing, with his mouth wide open. Little Man opened his mouth wide, looking like the picture, and began making a noise that I can best describe as growling, “aaahhhhh, ahhhh,” very softly.

At lunch, Little Man sat in his jumper while daddy finished his lunch. I nudged Gimli with my foot to get him out from under the table, and I look to see Little Man’s foot begin to reach out as well.

After his afternoon nap, I put him on the changing table. For some reason, I began “singing” the “Charge” song using the “da” sound. Each time I did a line, Little Man would repeat “da da da da da da da.” A few times, he even did the same inflections.

In the evening, as we ate dinner, Little Man stared toward the living room, at the canvas picture on the wall. I explained that it was him when he was just a couple months old, and he demanded to see it up close. Daddy and I told him, “It’s Anthony!” and he giggled. I pointed to his chest as I said it. Right before bed, daddy took him to another picture on the wall, this time in our bedroom. Daddy asked who it was, and Little Man responded, “annony,” while touching his chest.

Seeing how much he learns each day reminds me how quickly he is growing. It also reminds me it’s time to start watching what I say or do around this smart guy!

Library Explorer

Little Man and I met friends at the library for story time. We hadn’t been in a long time, so he was mesmerized by the librarian singing rhymes. We clapped and sang along, and I got some smiles. She handed out a book, and Little Man sat quietly on my lap as I read to him. He loves brand new books. After the short story time (at a “story time” no less), the librarian dropped some toys in the middle of the floor for the kids to play. Little Man took a moment, but once I pointed them out, he was off. He crawled as fast lightning to the toys, and began talking about each one. Some little girls came over to him, and one put something on his head, but he seemed unfazed. He made his way over to the corner where there was a chair, and I watched as he and his friend Max smiled at each other and “shared” toys.

After a relatively short play time, the librarian began packing up the toys, and Little Man did his best to help, if not reluctantly. We migrated out into the main children’s area. I sat Little Man down by a bookshelf that was meant for the very thing he does best: pulling books off the shelves (they weren’t organized, specifically for this purpose). After taking a look at a few of the books, he decided he would rather explore and began zipping through the aisles at breakneck pace. I tried to get him to practice walking, but he would have none of it. He’s just too fast at crawling. When we were ready to go, I picked up Little Man to hear him panting from exertion, but with a huge smile on his face. I’m guessing that meant he had fun.

We mosied over the the park next to the library and sat for a few moments before leaving. We watched the big kids on the playground and examined a stick I handed to him. When he lost interest in that, he stood on the bench with Max, and giggled to his heart’s content.

First Baseball Game

We arrived a little early to Nationals Park. We made record time, even with parking far away. I carried Little Man in the carrier as we walked around the park a bit and to grab some food. It was his first baseball game, and he was seeing the Washington Nationals play the St. Louis Cardinals. His friend Caleb was also in attendance. His first game was celebrated as any should be, with a ballpark hot dog. He also had some fries, pretzel, and funnel cake. While daddy and I ate most of this unhealthy food, he was happy to join in the experience. When we were in our seats, he looked around the stadium, played with a water bottle, and occasionally glanced at the field. I think he enjoyed all the sights and sounds, especially the spinning wooden baseball players that were displayed above one of the concession stands. Although, he wasn’t sure to make of the large-headed presidents, particularly when we were being followed by Teddy Roosevelt. As of all things of this nature with very young children, we didn’t make it through the game. Caleb left at the bottom of the fifth. We made it to the end of the sixth before Little Man had trouble sitting still. With no afternoon nap, it was no wonder. We left losing 0-2. Of course, as we were walking back to the van, we could hear the cheers of a rally, and they ended up winning 3-2 with a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the ninth. All the way home, Little Man was talking. I’d like to think he was telling us all about how much fun he had today.


When I was growing up, I never really dreamed of going to a pro game. The closest team was three hours away, so we settled for the minor league team, but we loved it. It will be such a great experience to have these kinds of opportunities close by as Little Man grows up.

We finished out our busy day with a relaxing barbecue with our friends Elle and Warren. They brought him plastic eggs shaped like Elmo’s face, and I have never seen Little Man freak out so much. He was in love. We are lucky to have such great friends in our life.


Here Puppy!

Little Man loved showing off new things today by imitating almost everything I did. I was telling my parents a story that involved me pinching my thumb and forefinger together. I glanced at Little Man as I do this, and I saw he was pinching his thumb and forefinger together too. He repeated silly noises in the car when nana and papa made them. He even made the same silly face I did after waking up from our afternoon nap. But my favorite was when we were sitting on the couch and I called Koda over. As soon as I said it, Little Man began patting his chest. After a moment, I realized he was imitating me when I tell Koda to jump up and give me a hug. He did it the rest of the day. So, he knows how to call his puppy brothers over, but if only they knew how to listen.

First Haircut

Little Man’s hair is finally starting to fill in at the back. He didn’t have much when he was born, and only the front has grown much. He got a couple colic areas from his daddy, so we had taken to sweeping his hair to one side. Some strands grew faster than others, and depending on the day, he would appear to have what people started calling a comb-over. Of course, I didn’t care for this term, since regardless of how his hair was styled, he was adorable. I kept putting off getting it cut, because, well, it’s his baby hair. Would it ever again be this downy soft? How could I cut away something that has been with him since birth? Well, today, for the sake of his “ladies man” status, I did it.

As he finished up some snacks with lunch, I brought out tiny scissors. He pulled away several times, but I was able to cut the strands away. I didn’t take off much. He still has his side swept hair, but now he has a much cleaner look. I took the tiny strands and placed them in a plastic baggie. I teased James about how they looked red. I labeled it and put it in his keepsake box. I was just thinking about how the baggie seems too big to contain that small amount of hair. But when I think about the emotions and memories it contains, it could never be big enough.

It’s Red

It’s play time in the sun room, and while he needed me to sit with him, he is entertaining himself. He begins to rifle through his toy bin, and tosses a small book at me. It it a simple color book, so I try to engage him by teaching him a color. I grab a ball, foam mat, and plush screw. I explain that each item is the color red. He glances at each one and goes back to playing. I put down all but the red ball and grab a blue one. I ask him to show me which one is the red one. He smiles at me, looking at the balls. I ask again, and he grabs the red one. I cheer and his smile gets bigger. I pick up a red and yellow foam mat and ask the same questions. I even had the red one in a different hand than before. He chose the red. I cheer louder and give him a hug. He giggles and we keep playing. A little bit later, I try a red truck and a yellow monkey, but he seems to struggle with this one a bit. When daddy gets home, we try again, but he was too distracted. I am not sure if he really knew it was the color red or if he was just naturally drawn to that color, like Clifford and Elmo. We’ll see in time.

On a bonus note, he pointed to the horse when asked during his bed time story. I had an inkling he knew this word for a while, but it was the first time he showed it to me. He seems to do a really great job with searching a busy page or floor to find what I ask for.