Second Birthday

Sigh, where do I begin. I guess I’ll start by saying how the time has flown. I know every parent says this, but I could swear it was just yesterday that we had his last birthday. Yet, here we are with a two year old. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little sad. I am excited for the future and all that it brings, but he’ll never be one again, you know? Despite feeling a little nostalgic, we made sure Little Man had a great second birthday, especially since his party isn’t for another week. He woke in the morning to find that daddy had taken the day off from work. Daddy took him downstairs to find two new car tracks from papa and nana in Iowa. They had also gotten him an adorable rain coat yesterday that he wanted to wear all evening. And of course, he wanted to play cars all day. And he did, in between the other busy things we did.

While he ate breakfast (a waffle of course), daddy took the dogs to the dog park. After getting dressed, his friends started to arrive. His friends Brooke, Max (and little brother Lucas), Alex, and Xavier all came over to play (and their moms too!). They were such a whirlwind, but I could tell how much fun he was having. They stayed for a couple hours, and Little Man seemed to only want my attention a couple times. The rest, he was busy playing with his friends. They touched nearly every toy, cooked in the kitchen (and he told Brooke, “lunch”), and sat at his table and played with cars. The new car tracks were a big hit, as I had set them up in the middle of the living room floor. Needless to say, the kids were kept occupied, and by the time everyone headed out, the kids were worn out, but happy. As soon as his friends left, balloons arrived from nana and papa in New York, and Little Man was so excited, all day he kept talking about his “ba-oons.”

Daddy came home not long after his friends left, and we headed out for a special birthday lunch, which of course means a Happy Meal. Sadly, Little Man is in a phase where he refuses to eat nearly everything we get him when we are out to eat, so he didn’t touch the meal. But he loved his new plastic car that mommy had to decorate in 15 tiny stickers. He called it Sasha. Daddy got a shamrock shake to go, but Little Man wasn’t paying attention and only asked for some when we got home. He kept saying to daddy “bite,” but it was already gone. So he got a few sweet goldfish crackers and a little Cat in the Hat before his nap. He was supposed to just eat his snack at his table, but he asked me to bring them in to the couch. So we snuggled for a bit. And then, of course, he didn’t nap. He just thought there was too much to stay up for.

He was right, but only today. He opened his present from us; a Nabi tablet. It’s made for preschool kids, and I had already set it up for games he could play. He loved the app that was flashcards of different transportation. He was a master of swiping through the pictures once I showed him how he can only have one finger touch. He was also really good at a counting game, touching each object to count it. He did a look-and-find, puzzles, zoo flashcards, and coloring. But he was really obsessed with the car flashcards. Eventually we got him to go back to playing with his cars while we finished up dinner, and at first he didn’t want to eat. Then he found out it was a corn dog and came running.

Of course, halfway through the corn dog, he spotted the cake I had made. Just a box cake, but it had the purple frosting he asked for yesterday. He said, “cake,” and got really excited. Since he finished most of his dinner, we broke out the lighter and lit the candles. We sang to him, and it was the first time he hasn’t cried at that. In fact, he seemed really happy. Daddy helped him blow out the candles, and he was getting pretty impatient to eat the cake. I cut him a slice, and he devoured it. He picked it up with one hand, which got purple frosting all over it, so he licked it off his fingers. Good thing it was bath night!

After his bath (where he started saying Queen for Lightening McQueen), he Skyped with nana and papa in New York. He played with his new Legos (which he now says as well), and played a silly game of hide and seek. He would run around to the other side of the iPad, then back again, laughing. He also did his awesome robot impersonation. After we said goodbye, we watched daddy give Koda a bath for a bit, then went to have some milk. As he finished drinking, papa and nana in Iowa Skyped in. He was excited to see them too, though you could tell that no nap and sugar were starting to make an interesting combination. He wouldn’t stand still for long, and he ran around the living room in his diaper, stopping occasionally long enough to say hello. He also decided to pull the butt of his diaper down, mooning nana and papa. On purpose. And once he saw everybody laughing, he made sure to keep doing it, running around with his butt hanging out of his diaper.

Finally, the evening wore down, and we went upstairs to get ready for bed. There wasn’t much fuss as he got ready and picked out his books. He asked for “trees,” as he pointed to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I can’t remember the last time we read that. It had to have been at least three months, maybe a lot more. After a couple other books first, he asked for “trees” again. I pulled it up into my lap, and he said “boom boom!” I couldn’t believe he remembered. Though, he does remember a lot more than I think I give him credit for. I rocked him and hummed his lullaby, and he nearly fell asleep in my arms. Another year older, but still my baby.

. . .

So, a few weeks back, I made the decision that my post on Little Man’s second birthday would be my last, at least for a while. I may still post about big occasions or something I want to share with more people, but from now on, I will be keeping a daily written journal. Not only do I feel like I can write about more (like things that might embarrass him if he sees it online one day), but it is something physical I can give him when he is older (and in my own handwriting). I can also turn the time I now spend in front of the computer into something more constructive (like sewing him a pillow or making bookends). I spend so much time stressing over writing and what to write about, that I worry I am not actually enjoying the memories I am collecting. I am so glad I have kept writing on this blog daily. Because of all my readers, I felt accountable to continue, and I am so happy to have these moments to give him. Thank you.

Master Chef

Recently, Little Man has gotten back into using his kitchen. It sat unplayed with most of the time, but he must have had the urge to cook again, especially after I gave him the spice jar. He always has us “taste” what he makes, but today, he must have been cooking up a storm, because I was trying lots of dishes. He would stir the spoon around in the pot or cup. He’d shake the spice jar on top. He’d take a taste himself then come running over to me. “Mommy! Pasta!” Or “Mommy! Eatmeal!” or “Mommy! Sauce!” I would pretend to nibble on the spoon or drink from the cup. I’d tell him it was really tasty, because, how could it not be. He would run away with a smile on his face, shake a little more spice or do a little more stirring, then come running back for me to taste again.

I also got lots of big hugs today, and that’s a good thing, because I needed them. He squeezed me when he got up from his nap, arms wrapped around my neck, holding on tightly. He said “baby,” and I assured him that he was my baby. And even though he turns two tomorrow, he’ll always be my baby.


I got a quick sweet moment this morning as we played. I was sitting behind Little Man as he moved his cars along his table. I was cleaning up some toys, making it so that he could actually walk around. He turned back to me and placed his hand on my shoulder. He said my name and I asked what he would like. He gently rubbed my arm, then leaned in, wrapped his arms tightly around my neck, and gave me a big hug.

In the evening, after dinner, we all played in the basement. Little Man went over to daddy and said, “weeeee!” That means he wants daddy to toss him in the air as we all shout “weeeee!” Daddy does it the best, tossing Little Man high up (but not too high, thankfully), and Little Man makes big laughs. Then he came over to ask me. I told him I have no arm strength. My tosses aren’t high at all, but still he laughed. Then he walked over to his Elmo puppet book, the one daddy uses to pretend that Elmo wants to eat Little Man’s feet. He said, “weeeee!” to Elmo, then leaned over, placing his hands on the book, and using his feet to kick himself into the air. Such an imaginative and inventive little guy.

Bodily Functions

As Little Man finished his breakfast, he noted the iPad on the counter. He started saying “nana, papa,” and I felt really sad. I think he thought they were on Skype. I told him there was no one there right now, but maybe soon. So to cheer him up, I handed him an empty spice jar. He ran happily over to his kitchen, saying “cook! Pasta!” He even pretended to sprinkle it into the pot. He played with it for at least 30 minutes straight, and even came over to me to tell me he was “happy.” I asked him if he was adding some spice to his pasta, and he nodded and said “pice.” He did a lot of playing quietly (well, not really quietly) on his own today. He would sit and cook or play with his cars. At one point, I heard him just rambling off different colors of shoes and cars. “Blue shoes, red shoes, purple shoes, yellow shoes, green shoes. Red car, blue car…” I am really amazed at his talking and conversation abilities (and maybe a little at my ability to understand what he is saying). At one point today, he went over to the curtains, and said “bow.” I agreed it looked like a bow, but it was a curtain. He said, “Ant-ny, touch.” I asked if he wanted to touch it, and he responded with “reach!” as he stretched up to try and get the top of the window.

Little Man finds bodily functions hilarious. He often says poop and will even try to poop or toot to be funny. While he was playing with his green dog, Scout, it mentioned having the hiccups. Apparently the hiccups sound like burps, because he wanted me to keep pressing the button until it came back to the “burp.” I would move Scout’s head in time with the hiccups, and Little Man would throw his head back and laugh. Then he went to get one of his Elmo stuffed toys, the one that is supposed to be sick with a cold. Whenever Elmo would pretend to sneeze, I would act it out as well. This got a big laugh from him, so he thought he’d try to join in. “Ah-choo!” Over and over. Such funny noises we make.

We did a lot of reading today, too, like usual. During one book he said, “Dash,” and pointed to the boy from The Incredibles. I had taught him his name the other day. I mentioned he might like the movie since it was about superheroes, and maybe we could watch it later in the evening. So after deciding he would rather play than eat dinner, he went with daddy downstairs to play trains. Instead, he immediately went over to the play area by the television. He had been saying what we thought was “house” throughout the day, but apparently it was “couch,” because he went right for it and asked to get up. Once on the couch he asked for Cars. We put on The Incredibles instead, for a nice break from the same movie each time. He watched it, though I wasn’t sure how much he was in to it. He held my hand sweetly, and even moved it closer so he could entwine his fingers in mine. About halfway through, and getting near bedtime, I asked if he wanted to finally go have something to eat and some milk. He looked up at me and said, “Dash.” So I guess he liked it.


James and I were talking today how we think Little Man is going to be a prankster when he’s older. He is quite the silly little guy who loves to make us laugh. I always ask him who’s my baby, and he always responds, “Ant-ny.” Well, this evening, he thought it would be funny to say everything but! Apparently, daddy, papa, nana, Sasha, cars, trucks, blue cars, red, and many other things are my baby. I chased him around the train table asking him, and each time he’d laugh hysterically and give me a different name. It’s just like when daddy asks who Mickey Mouse is and he finds it funny to respond with Elmo.

After playing trains, he wanted to read my old Disney books. He picked out Aladdin, which doesn’t have many pictures. He sat pretty contendly as I read some and flipped through the illustrations. We came to a picture of the Cave of Wonders, and he said, “uh oh,” and pointed and two rocks on the ground. He said, “poop.” And I think I nearly died from laughter. I covered my mouth from laughing so hard, and Little Man covered his too. To his credit, it did actually look like poop.

Before his bath, we played in his room, and he went back to that Disney button book. He told me something about each button he pressed. A door knocking was “knock, knock,” with “Ant-ny” at the door. He smiled cheesily at a camera button. Dash from the Incredibles was him, while Carl from Up was papa. At first the robot was “butt!” as he pointed to his butt (I couldn’t stop laughing), but later it was an actual robot with arm movements and “bee-boo” (beep boop) noises. He was laying on the floor playing with the buttons with his back toward me. He pressed the sun and gave me a look. He moved on to his hands and knees then pressed the moon button. He popped up and came over, pretending to cry. I know it was pretend because I caught the smirk on his face. That’s okay though, I took the opportunity to get lots of hugs.

Fast Fan

Little Man wanted to go in and wake up daddy, and I reminded him that he had to be nice and not headbutt him. We wake with kisses. Of course, because I reminded him to be nice, Little Man decided to do the opposite. He headbutted, but at least it was after giving a kiss. While daddy went to get dressed, Little Man and I laid in the bed. He pointed at the fan, and I reminded him what it was called. He said “Ant-ny,” as if asking to touch it. I told him we couldn’t touch the fan since it was going so fast, we would get hurt. When daddy came back, he laid in the bed with us. We all snuggled on the same pillow. Daddy had his eyes closed, Little Man watched the fan, and I watched Little Man. He asked again about the fan, saying his name. I repeated that it was going too fast. He said, “fast!” I nodded and told him that was right. He repeated the word, and seemed to find it rather funny. He kicked his feet, tangling them up in the blanket. Then he pretended to eat his feet. He was getting silly. After a bit of laughing he relaxed again on the pillow, watching the fan. And I just kept watching him. I love just looking at his face. His rounded cheeks. The slope of his chin to his neck. His little ears. His wide, deep brown eyes, staring up. I found myself wondering what he was thinking about, but when I asked he just gave me a sweet smile. Before bed, we relaxed in his room, and Little Man wanted to do lots of reading. First it was the Cars books we bought earlier at the used book store, which he was super excited about. Then he wanted to read his Disney book that plays sounds. He was having fun testing out all the sounds and asking about the pictures. I explained about the sun and moon and how it can mean going to bed or waking up. Apparently talking about bed upset him so he cried and came over for a hug. But then he began pressing the button on purpose, getting upset, and running in for snuggles. When daddy came in, he pressed the button and ran crying over to daddy. Daddy soothed him, and a moment later he walked back over saying “moon.” He pressed the button next to the moon and went back to daddy, upset. Daddy and I giggled slightly, telling him he pressed the wrong button. Then I let him know he didn’t need to create a reason to get snuggles. He simply needed to ask.

Added note: I forgot that at dinner we were talking about family. When I asked who was in our family, he named all his papas, and nanas, doggies, Sasha, and even Elle. It made me smile. He really does have a lot of people who love him.

Backpack, Backpack

Little Man and I checked out a thrift store this morning. I’ve lived hear five years now, and I haven’t really explored unless I am looking for a specific thing, and after today, I may need to break out of that habit. I was in search of used children’s books, preferably Dr. Seuss. I am attempting to create bookends for Little Man’s old changing table using wood letters mod-podged with pages of old books. The store was in Historic Leesburg, which means it is in an old house. All of the children’s items were on the second floor in a tiny room, basically the attic. The books were in crates along the floor in the back, so I had to kneel to look through them all. I set Little Man next to me and asked him to look through some books with me. He was delighted. He took out several and flipped through them. He found a Cat in the Hat electronic one, and though the batteries were nearly dead, he seemed to love reading it. He was sitting so quietly that an older woman commented how good he was. I laughed and said “for now!” He found a Putt-Putt book and a Little Engine That Could book, so I set them to the side to purchase. He pulled out a Dora book that was similar in the style of the Cat in the Hat he had found. He has never watched Dora, but I think he really likes talking books; it’s like another person to read with! He looked through the book and pressed some of the buttons. In the show, she sings “Backpack, Backpack,” so one of the buttons did as well. Little Man laughed, and while swaying back and forth sang, “Dah-Dah, Dah-Dah,” in the same tone as the music. So we spent the rest of the time singing the song as we flipped through the books.