Chicken Dance

The past few months, Little Man has really exploded into his own little person. It sounds silly to say, being as he has been a little person this whole time, but his personality is really shining. And he is one funny kid. Sometimes it is just plain silliness, like this afternoon, after his no-nap nap (again). He was running around, playing with his cars, bringing them in to show daddy on the couch, then running into the play room again. He runs and says “ahhhh” so that as his feet hit the ground, it sounds like he is saying “ah-ah-ah-ah.” When he decided to come back in the living room, he was doing his “chicken dance,” which we haven’t seen in some time. He bends over with his arms up behind his back and lifts his legs high as he walks. Daddy and I laughed and asked if he was doing the chicken dance. He responded by saying, “cluck cluck.”

After dinner, as daddy shoveled the 8 inches of snow, Little Man and I sat in the living room doing flashcards. He still amazes me with the variety of words he knows, and don’t get me started on his amazing memory! This time though, he had me cracking up at the additions he would make to the cards. After saying the word “cup,” he added “mommy’s,” because he knows I drink my coffee from a cup like that. After “balloon,” “slide,” and “cake,” he said “Ant-ny!” I asked if he liked those things and he responded “uh-huh-huh.” And after that response for “cake,” he made nom-nom noises.

Oh yeah, and in the afternoon, he was pulling down his pants and diaper and running around with his butt hanging out!

Grocery List

Little Man was in a sweet mood as we arrived at the grocery store. A welcome change. I placed him in the cart and made to put the reusable bags along the bottom. He made a slight whining noise, and when I looked up he was frowning at me. I could tell it was because he wanted to be held. I told him we had to get groceries so I couldn’t hold him right now. He said, “mommy” in his sweet sad voice. I leaned in to give him a kiss on the nose, and he wrapped his arms around me. I smiled and started pushing the cart to get out of the doorway as best I could with my arms tied to my body. Little Man asked, “up,” and I had to tell him that I wouldn’t be able to carry him and shop at the same time. So instead, he just held on hugging me as we started walking through the store. I got a few admiring looks from fellow mothers, and it made me beam with pride at me sweet little guy.

When he finally pried himself off me, I gave him another kiss. I asked if I could bite his cute little nose, and he leaned in. I laughed, but only kissed it instead. I asked if he wanted to hold the grocery list, and he took it gladly. He looked like he was trying to read it, so I asked what items were on the list that we still needed to get. He replied, “sauce,” which means either yogurt or applesauce. I nodded and asked him what else. “Ummm, oatmeal.” At this point, I had a big smile on my face, because I found his list just too cute. I asked him what else. “Apple.” I reminded him that he hasn’t liked the apples I have gotten for him the past couple weeks. So he made a raspberry noise, and I start laughing. I promised I would get him some berries. I’m just happy his list was reasonable!

Toddler Snuggles!

Little Man had just finished drinking his milk. He was laying on the couch, clearly tired after another no-nap day (likely from sleeping in so late because of yesterday). I had covered him up with his green baby blanket, and he laid there watching his show. I just sat watching him, as I am known to do. He looked so sweet and sleepy. I asked if I could lay with him. He sat up, said, “mommy,” and leaned in to give me a kiss before laying back down. Either he didn’t hear the question or it was a polite refusal. I waited a few more moments before finally just laying down on his belly. He didn’t seem to mind, since he seemed in a half-sleeping state as it was. Soon though, he started to wiggle, so I sat up. He looked up at me. “Mommy,” he said as he seemed to point next to his belly. I asked if he wanted me to lay with him. “Uh-huh-huh.” I smiled nicely, but inside my heart was jumping for joy. My little guy wanted to cuddle! I squeezed in behind his back so he could turn and finish watching his show. I just nuzzled my nose into the back of his neck and wrapped my arms around his tiny body. I could stay like that forever. Of course, as soon as daddy came back in after walking the dogs, he jumped up to play. Luckily, I have a sweet little guy, because it took only a few moments for him to decide to come back and snuggle.

Train Buddies

Little Man had a great time this morning playing at a friend’s house. We were the first to arrive, and we headed down to the basement to play with Lilly and her little sister Allie. Little Man instantly spotted a train table, and that was where he spent most of the play date. Soon, more of his friends started arriving. Alex, then Max and Lucas, and finally Xavier. He was so excited to see everyone. He joined in playing when he felt like it, and he also spent some time observing, but he mostly played trains. He doesn’t seem big on the idea of going down a slide alone, and he didn’t even think about getting up on the mini trampoline (thankfully). He carried around a baby doll and put it on the ride-in car, since he seemed to be having trouble with his too-long legs (I feel his pain).

We all stopped for a snack, but soon the play began again, and Little Man was back at the train table. He spotted the chalkboard next to it and decided to give it a go. He took the yellow chalk and swiped a line. “Yellow!” Then blue. “Blue!” And finally red. “Red!” Laughing, he headed back to the train table. Soon his friends X and Max joined, and it was adorable watching the three older boys (give Lucas a year or so) playing together. At one point, Little Man came up to sneak in between them for a train and ended up stopping to put his arms over both their shoulders. Such bros. When it was time to go, Little Man got sad. As everyone got ready, I told him we had to get our shoes on. He said, “mommy, pway,” and began heading back to the basement. It made me sad and happy at the same time. I love that he has great friends, but I wish we could play like this more often. The only way I got him to come along quietly was by telling him it was time to go get lunch!

Little Man also had some cute mommy-focused moments that I want to make sure I capture.

  • When I was brushing my teeth in the morning, he ran to the other bathroom and said, “Ant-ny” to get his toothbrush. This has now become a regular thing, and I love that he likes to imitate me and be a big boy.
  • When I got him from his non-nap, he saw his brush in the changing area. He said, “mommy,” so I leaned in and he gently brushed my hair.
  • As he sat watching Cat in the Hat, he reached over, grabbed my hand and held it as he ate his goldfish crackers.
  • When I was making dinner, we played rambunctiously. He was trying to spin in circles, so I scooped him up and pretended to eat his legs. He gave me a deep belly laugh. Each time I set him back down, he would try and spin again so I would scoop him up. Of course I did, I love those belly laughs.
  • As the evening was wrapping up, it was clear he was ready to pass out. He had his milk on the couch, and I asked if I could lay my head on his stomach. I did so, and he laughed pushing my head up. Then he grabbed my nose and pulled my head back down to his belly, and he gently patted the top of my head.

Bedtime was easy since he had such a long day. He brushed his teeth and easily picked out three books. I told him to say goodnight to daddy. He said, “bye daddy,” like always, but I told him he should say “night.” And he did. At the end of the last book, the little baby is laying in the crib. He pointed to it and said “baby.” I said, “yep, she was tired and now she’s sleeping.” He responded by saying, “Ant-ny,” and pointing to his crib. I asked if he was ready for bed. He nodded and pointed to the light switch, “mommy.” I shut off the light and gave him a kiss.

His Grahams

After his nap, which was a really good long one, Little Man sat on the couch and watched a show while having his snack. When I asked what movie he wanted to watch, he of course responded with “Cars.” He sat intently watching and eating his teddy grahams. I asked if I could have one and reached slowly into his bowl. As soon as I touched one, he said “Ant-ny,” took it from my fingers, and put it in his mouth. I feigned shock, with my mouth hanging open, and all I got in response was him pointing to his mouth and saying “Ant-ny” again. Every time I tried, I got the same reaction. Apparently, all the the teddy grahams were his. At least he left me some crumbs on the bottom.

After dinner, we played with some cars and read some books before he finally got up and said, “catch” while walking over to the dining room. I asked if he was getting a ball, and James said that he was saying he wanted to go and play downstairs with the basketball. Sure enough, he walked over to the gate and said, “mommy daddy,” making sure we knew he wanted us both to go and play.

Shopping for Stuffed Animals

Little Man got to spend nearly the entire day with nana and papa. He played cars (of course), trains, and had them read a Curious George coloring book. Before lunch, we headed out to look for some furniture. We stopped at a consignment store that we hadn’t been to before. We maneuvered our way around some overpriced and strange looking furniture and finally found a children’s section. Daddy had been carrying Little Man but was finally able to set him down since there was room to move. Little Man instantly went for the stuffed animals. Each piece of furniture had one sitting on it. He asked to see a blue dog, so I let him carry it around for a bit. He wandered over to a bed and found a lion, so he switched them out. However, he soon decided that the blue dog was the best, and squeezed it close as we walked some more. Luckily, he set the dog on a chair and became distracted by a crib (“Ant-ny!”). It was a cute dog, but certainly not worth the price they were asking, and I hate breaking his heart.

He also did his thing of getting people to join in whatever he is doing. First, it was getting people to make silly noises in the car. He later made sure everyone danced to the Wild Kratts theme song. He also ran around in the basement, collapsing in to each person in turn, getting tickled and kissed as he laughed hysterically and pretended that he didn’t like it. But the cutest one had to be when he came running into the living room after papa read him the Curious George coloring book. He was carrying it turned to a particular page, and papa said that Little Man wanted to have these at his party next month. It was a picture of Curious George blowing a noisemaker and wearing a party hat. Little Man put his hand to his mouth and made a sound like he was blowing through a horn. It was a pretty good impersonation. He had everyone else make the noise as well, including Koda and Gimli (which he helped them make the noise). I promised I would get him some for his party.

Live Music at Dinner

When Little Man finally woke from his long nap in the afternoon, he was happy to find nana and papa (North Carolina ones) were here to visit. He still seemed a little sleepy and played quietly for a bit. Nana had brought some coloring books, and papa brought some trucks. He named the new ones papa and nana, and he loved the fact that they made sounds. He insisted that he bring the police car with him to the restaurant, and I was the only one who complained. We went to the same restaurant we went to the week before with other nana and papa, though this time they had live music. It ended up being a blessing. Little Man sat raptly listening to the man play his guitar and sing. After each song he would politely clap and occasionally give a “yay!” He even tried to clap while still holding his water cup. The man seemed to appreciate his attentive audience, especially considering the place was a little on the deserted side, strange for a Friday night. During each song, Little Man did a little dance, and when he noticed that someone at the table wasn’t dancing, he would go around in a circle saying our names until we danced as well. Soon, he was also having us clap. At the end of the dinner, of which he devoured nearly an entire portion of spaetzle, we had him put a tip in the singer’s jar. He got very serious as we walked up to the front,  placed the tip very nicely in the jar, and said “bye” quietly as we walked away. I set him down to get his coat on, and he couldn’t help but to watch and do another little dance.