Shopping for a Pepper Grinder

After having lunch with our great neighbors (who I just happened to meet from the mommy group), Little Man, daddy, and I headed over to Marshall’s to look for a pepper grinder. Such a small thing, but James and I are known for being browsers. We’ll walk around the store just to see if there is anything else that looks good. Little Man is in the cart, a bit sleepy due to a short nap before lunch. The past couple weeks, he has discovered that he can try and grab things outside the cart. This usually makes for an interesting trip. Today, he almost grabbed a nice plate off a display. I suppose that was my fault for taking him down the crowded aisle.

After looking at the home goods and kids stuff together, James and I split up to look at clothes for ourselves, which neither of us have really bought in eight months. I have Anthony with me, and every time we came across a mirror, I made sure to stop. We giggle and laugh as we look at each other’s reflection. As we walk through the tight aisles, he can’t help but reach out and touch everything! He moves from side to side touching coats, sweaters, and tags. I find myself wondering what it must be like for him. All these new textures and things to explore. It must be so exciting. I find myself touching everything, too. I feel the scratchy sweater, and know I would dread wearing it. I slide my hands on the smooth winter coat. I rub my fingers across the silky shirt with it’s hideous pattern. It’s amazing, I go into a store looking for something as simple as a pepper grinder, and once again, my son gives me another view on life.

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